Feedback Management

Get action points to improve your business and boost marketing

Grow your business with loyal customers

Because loyal customers are

5x likely to repurchase
4x as likely to  refer
5x likely to forgive
7x as likely to try a new offering

Measure and create customer loyalty

Measure customer loyalty with the Net Promoter Score® (NPS).

Turn feedback into actionable drivers.

Satisfied customer = Loyal Customer

How it works

Step 1 - Measure

  • Send automated NPS feedback surveys. 
  • Follow up negatieve feedback.
  • Avoid negatieve online reviews.

Step 2 - Analyze

  • Aquire client satisfaction insights.
  • Categorise types of feedback & suggestions.
  • Compare your score with the competition.

Step 3 - Act

  • Prevent structural root causes of complaints.
  • Communicate to manage expectation.
  • Integrate and amplify positive drivers in the operation.

Step 4 - Re-analyze

  • Follow trends in the client experience.
  • Check if taken action has expected results.
  • Gain new insights to exceed the experience.

Loyal customer = More revenue

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