Get more sales from existing customers

Birl converts your customer feedback into actionable data to improve your company and increase turnover

Put your Marketing on Autopilot

Better customer experience, more revenue and more highly qualified leads

A mangament & marketing system that helps to:

Improve your customer satisfaction and your online reputation

Get a permanent stream of customer feedback and improve your customer satisfaction and online reputation based on the feedback analytics.

Increase the revenue per customer

Generate additional revenue from your existing customers. Get your customers to visit your business more often and increase the order volume per purchase.

Get new customers

Transform your existing customers into a 24/7 sales force to promote your business without having to spend any additional time or money.

Top 3 challenges

for a small business owner

How do I get more customers?
How do I get my customers to spend more money?
How do I keep customers around longer?

Which one “keeps you up at night”?

Are you currently spending money
on SEO and Pay-Per-Click ads?

Business owners themselves identify these methods
as the most effective ways to get new customers

And even customers agree with this

"What sources do you use to find small business?"

small business diagram english

That's why Birl focuses on...

an integrated system to automate and combine all three to

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Boost client satisfaction

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Increase your revenue

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Get highly qualified leads

What do you get?

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Improved customer satisfaction

Feedback Requests & Analytics
Get instant feedback from your customers

Send automated feedback requests to your customers.

  • Feedback surveys to measure your customer satisfaction.
  • Positive feedbackers are stimulated to leave positive online review.
  • Negative feedbackers are sent directly to you to prevent negative online reviews.
Customer satisfaction insights
Improve your customer experience

See what your customers dislike about your services.

  • Get a list of the root causes and the drivers of complaints.
  • Get an action plan to structurally solve these root causes.
  • Monitor the progress and eliminate the drivers of complaints.
Online reputation booster
Strengthen your brand and improve communication

See what your customers like about your services and spread the word.

  • Get a detailed list of the drivers of your positive customer satisfaction.
  • Get an action plan to strengthen these drivers within your business.
  • Associate your brand with the drivers of satisfaction.
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Increased revenue of existing customers

Customer segmentation
Segment your customers per satisfaction level

Keep track of shifts in loyalty from customers.

  • Identify and segment in-active, negative, neutral and positive customers.
  • Develop and automate specific campaigns for each customer segment.
  • Automatically track the results and monitor the loyalty improvements.
Targeted Campaigns
The right offer to the right customer at the right moment

Permanently improve customer satisfaction and grow your ‘positive segment’.

  • Automatically launch campaigns to:
  • re-activate inactive customers:
  • turn negatives into neutrals,
  • turn neutrals into positives.
  • Automatically incentivize your positives to become promoters.
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New leads and customers

Lead generation
Attract new leads

Create discount offers and landing pages to attract new leads.

  • Create, embed and promote attractive discount offers.
  • Landing pages for promoters and partners to promote to their audiences.
  • Automatically capture leads, track the referral source and follow up.
Customer Referral Program
Get highly qualified leads through word-of-mouth

Turn your positive customers into promoters and stimulate word-of-mouth.

  • Create an attractive reward system for customer referrals.
  • Incentivize your promoters to share discount offers with their friends and family.
  • Turn active promoters into dedicated advocates with personal dashboards.

It’s all-in-one service that increases referrals, boosts retention and improves customer loyalty